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This suspense-thriller bravely ventures into a disturbing world of what can occur when trying to pull off the perfect crime. An intriguing story within a story that deals with the question of who is Jane Doe, and whether she is connected to Bland Benthall—a once prominent editor and bestselling author of suspense-thrillers for S&W Publishing House―who has been suffering from writer’s block for the past three years.


In desperation to salvage his career and alleviate an almost insurmountable amount of debt for his family, Bland decides to accept an opportunity of a lifetime, becoming a partner with S&W Publishing House. However, opportunity soon entangles him in a web of deception, infidelity, betrayal, and murder.


With his career and family in jeopardy, with a detective eager to put him away for murder, and with time running out to prove his innocence, Bland is faced with the challenge to “follow the tracks,” which will lead to the truth of who is setting him up and whether he can save his life and the life of Jane Doe.

Featured Author D.W. WOLF
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