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Follow The Tracks Reviews:


"The intriguing twists and turns alone, will have you reading from dusk until dawn! Every spare moment will be delightfully consumed by this non-stop thriller! D. W. Wolf takes you on a ride you'll be begging not to stop! Love, hate, lies, deceit, manipulation, all the trimmings and main course your eyes will devour, in this non-stop read." Just "Follow The Tracks" - Editor/Prime Local TV Network

"A BOOK CLUB MUST READ!!! An ever-evolving suspense thriller! Unexpected plot twists. Group discussions will have you pulling for the best and worst of each character." - 3H Productions Literary Review

"Not your typical 'Whodunnit!' suspense thriller! This cast of characters: Bland, Dakota, Greysen and the antics of Smith and Wilkins will keep you gripping the edge of your seat, as you attempt to predict 'Who is it!' You will be satisfyingly turned upside down and back again, on this corkscrew thriller!" - Avid reader

"This suspense thriller is a complex story with its plot within a plot that is weaved together through the eyes of its reader. Simply thought-provoking and riveting! A must read." - YOR Reviews

"This is a thrilling story from the first page to the last. Definitely, a novel you would not put down. There are multiple twists that lead you on a journey and guessing what is the truth." - Avid reader

“A nonstop thrill ride of adventure full of intrigue and inuendo. It will keep you guessing from the start and always wanting more.  Full of charismatic characters that you care about, this will keep you turning pages late into the night.”

– The Eye Opener Breakfast Book Club  

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